Выставка коллажей Varol Özkoçak ( Турция) При поддержке посольства Турции в Эстонии



The Embassy of the Republic of Turkey

Sed Arte Gallery (Tallinn)


Exhibition of collages “Dream Sequences”

by Varol Özkoçak (Turkey)

21.10.2011    -   15.12.2011

                                                                                   (11Viru St.,Tallinn)


● Varol  Özkoçak was born in 1944.

● Began his diplomati career in 1966.

● Served at the Embassies of Turkey in Beirut, Belgrade, London and Rome.

● He was appointed as Consulate General of Turkey to Komotini, Greece in 1985.

● Attended the Royal College of Defense Studies ( RCDS) in London in 1989.

● He was Head of 11NATO Departments at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs between 1992-1994.

● Served in Paris during 1992-1996 as Consul General of Turkey.

● He became the first Turkish Ambassador to Mongolia and stayed during 1996-1998 in Ulan Bator.

● Afterwards he was  the Director General for Cultural Affairs at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

● First began doing sculptures in 1979 in London.

● He participated in a number of exhibitions in Turkey and France with his sculptures.

● His first one-man exhibition was opened at the GNC Art Gallery in Saint-Germain-des-Prés in Paris in 1996.

● He opened an exhibition together with Mongolian state prize-winner sculptor Amgalan in 1998 at the Mongolian    National Modern Art Gallery in Ulan Bator.

● On his return to Ankara he opened an exhibition of sculptures and collages at the Cankaya Municipality

   Contemporary   Arts Center in 2000.


          Varol Özkoçak   began his studies in sculpture in London. His  sculpture is quite original and full of true feeling and most of it is unadomed to the point of simplicity.

          Varol Özkoçak   came to sculpture relatively late in life, he worked with clay and acquired the techniques of shaping terra cotta in Britain and then sketched live models during his stay in Rome.

          Concerning collages presented at the exhibition in Tallinn, Varol Özkoçak     admits he first made his collages to amuse himself. But when the directors of the  GNG Gallery at Saint Germain in Paris came to view his sculptures while talks were going on for an individual exhibition, they noticed the collages and showed interest in them, latterly insisting  that they be exhibited also. This surprised the author, since he had never taken them seriously. As a result, the collages sold more than the sculptures…

         The collages have some features that are worthy of attention. Firstly, no two collages show similarity.  It is precisely this diversity and inner unity that is remarkable and which render these works enriching for the viewer. Another aspect of the collages is that we see strong compositions   emerging beneath a dominant colour scheme that invariably incorporate elements of painting.

         In his collages, Varol Özkoçak     seems mostly to place in front of a surrealistic setting the nineteenth century of pre-Raphaelite figures.

        Varol Özkoçak   is an artist who has placed his art on firm foundations, who can, with simplicity and beauty, reflect his wide imagination, his dreams, and his feelings in his work.


Olga Ljubaskina
Art historian, gallerist
Member of the International Association of Art Historians
Tallinn, Estonia

+372 5 056 257

e-mail: sedarte@mail.ru